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One of our most prestigious services at HooksandBeats.com is our excellent exclusive custom beats. Once a custom beat is crafted by us, you will receive full exclusive rights, all wav file trackouts, a signed exclusive contract stating you, and only you own the beat/instrumental. We can create anything from Rap, Hip Hop, Club/Dance, Dubstep, R&B, West Coast, and much more.

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Our beat store has multiple categories to choose from! Whether your looking for Rap Beats, Beats with Hooks, West Coast Beats, R&B Beats, Dubstep Beats, we got you covered. Stand Out from the rest with the unique styles HooksandBeats.com delivers.

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HooksandBeats specializes in graphic designs such as Logos, Videos with Special FX, Album Artwork, Animated Advertizement Design (GIF), and so much more! We also specialize in web design (HTML, CSS, PHP). Contact us for any questions about our graphics, and design services.

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Most of the current smartphones and tablets already use Retina displays or better, with the notebook and computer world quickly catching up. To future-proof your website, it is important that your design look good on even the most cutting edge of displays. With custom and icon fonts built into the theme as well as CSS for other stylistic elements like box shadows, rounded corners, containers, and more – the X design is optimized for high resolution displays and will look crisp and sharp on any device. See for yourself!

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We have mastered for some of the greatest and we beg you to try and find a more competitive quote.

Our producers have been mastering since they learned to play the keys (and thats pretty young). Mastering takes skill, time and a good ear. It also takes silence. Our studio is situated in a tightly insulated sound proofed lab in Florida – Our girlfriends hate us!
We know the right pitch, frequency and levels to perfect your track into something even Mozart would be proud of.

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